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Welcome to my site, my name is Helena, I'm from South Australia, and I love costuming.
This is the center point for everything online that is , well basically ME!!!!!

Ok!!!  Now for a little bit about me.....I have been costuming since 2001, thanks to being involved in
Parsec:  The Aussie Star Wars Appreciation Society, which sadly no longer exists.  However if it wasn't for Parsec,
I would not of met my husband, or made the many ongoing friendships I have today.
In July 2004, Steve and I tied the knot, in the only way we wanted to get married
A Star Wars Themed Wedding

I'm a Proud Member of:
Jedi Council Forums - South Australian Fan Force
Australian Costumers Guild
The Rebel Legion
BILLYWIGS - Southern Wizarding Alliance

I'm basically a Journeyman Costumer, as in I'm still learning my craft, but I'm no longer a beginner.
As you will see my main passion is for Star Wars costumes, however I make costumes for a variety of different events,
basically for me any reason to dress up is a good reason.

I also (when I have the time) enjoy drawing, I have to admit I am a better colourist than an artist,
but people seem to like what I do.  I also enjoy doing digital photo editing,
you will find my drawings and edited photos in my deviantART.

Anyway I hope you enjoy your visit, and feel free to contact me.